fantasy betting

Betting on Fantasy Leagues

Starting on Fantasy Leagues My betting is generally considered a little strange because I’m rarely on multiples and tend to be a bigger fan of value singles. But for some reason (and I’m 90% sure it’s not because I watched The League on Netflix) I really like betting on fantasy league. I don’t really plan to tip for this sort of thing because I’m just getting the hang of it myself and there’s people out there more qualified than I. To be honest I’m watching a lot of fantasy league tipsters at the moment to try and get an understanding of what they’re talking about and they’re reasoning behind it. It’s quite a jump from the normal sports betting I’m used to. The Jump It’s similar to sports betting. You have values assigned by a third party and you take all available information into account to try and decide if…

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bookie edge

Where Bookmakers Get Their Profits

Don’t blame the bookies for trying to take your money. It’s a job. It’s business. But understanding what they’re doing and how they find their edge is important in understanding what you need to be doing to find the edge yourself. Bookies have a full team of traders working 24/7 to move their odds and keep the edge. The way to look at it is you’re not looking to beat the bookie (terms like that are dumb) you’re just looking to skim the value and beat the traders to a bet before they reduce it. One of the things that constantly attract punters to sports betting is the possibility of making profit constantly. It’s not easy to achieve that status, but when you do, it really seems like it would pay off all the trouble and effort that you have put into playing. All it takes is to learn the…