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Betting on Fantasy Leagues

Starting on Fantasy Leagues

My betting is generally considered a little strange because I’m rarely on multiples and tend to be a bigger fan of value singles. But for some reason (and I’m 90% sure it’s not because I watched The League on Netflix) I really like betting on fantasy league.

fantasy bettingI don’t really plan to tip for this sort of thing because I’m just getting the hang of it myself and there’s people out there more qualified than I. To be honest I’m watching a lot of fantasy league tipsters at the moment to try and get an understanding of what they’re talking about and they’re reasoning behind it. It’s quite a jump from the normal sports betting I’m used to.

The Jump

It’s similar to sports betting. You have values assigned by a third party and you take all available information into account to try and decide if you’re getting a good value. But rather than just betting on high odds with a decent chance you’ve got to min max their expected performance and make the most out of your salary allowance.

I’ll admit I’m not very good at it. I have no real edge at the moment. I find myself guessing more often than not and trying to convince myself that it’s variance kicking my ass when really it’s a lack of knowledge.

It doesn’t really help that the biggest markets are not in the UK but over in the states. Their sites are bigger and seem to basically be the main online gambling outlet since they legally consider it a “skill game” and not gambling.

But that does mean two things. First of all it can mean a softer market for some things over there because if they want to gamble online that’s their outlet to do so.

Secondly it means over here there’s less competition while some sites still guarantee the prize pool. It can basically be a 50/50 poker tournament where you only need to survive half the field to get your result – and that half the field are betting on gut feelings or personal preference rather than results.

The Mayweather Fight Strategy

I cashed in a tournament yesterday without backing a single winning player. Every single one of my matches lost yet I was pretty highly above the 50% mark. How did I manage it?

Pretty damn simple. Points are all that matter.

I’m not looking to cheer as my player wins by a narrow margin. Winning is usually only a few points for the team slot. I’m looking for a much bigger pool of points earned a long the way.

I don’t want the players going for the long shot game winning strategy. I want the grinders who will stall out their games and get a lot done. Every one of my players lost their match up but accrued so many points that I was cheering in a victory after only a few matches in.

Honestly I think this is the biggest edge you can have right now to remove emotion and the idea that winning requires winning.


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Skybet Promo Code Strategy

You can’t beat the bookie so the way you profit at all this is to take value when they mess up and take advantage of every free bet you can – starting with the Skybet promo code. Easiest to do and a really easy return.

I’ve always said if you’re going to make a bet you might as well get paid for it. You might not always win and you can’t control that but you can certainly control this. Make sure you’re getting the most value possible and get yourself a promo code or at least a chance of a free bet refund. There’s hundreds of these offers out there and loads of sites tracking them.

The best way to find the offers I found was Bookie Monster since they have a handy app which updates and does it for you. And the best promo code is the Skybet one for sure. Bet £5 and get £20? Best deal. Easy. They might as well be paying you to bet (which they basically are). It’s their loss but they want to try and fight each other for your custom by just throwing free bets at you? Alright.

There’s a shit ton of sites tracking this sort of stuff but it’s a headache to find ones which actually work. There’s an app for that luckily these guys cover the strategy for getting the most from your skybet free bet and promo code. The strategy is pretty simple.

Skybet Free Bet Strategy

Using your free bet is basically the same as taking value with any kind of bet. You’re looking for an opportunity where a favourite is likely outcome is still a decent price. You can find a gap between the traders noticing and you getting your bet on. Once that bet is on they have to honour it (except in the case of palpable error of course where they typo in an extra 0).

You want to do the same thing with your free bet. Get it on niche high odds at a decent price. The free bet from Sky Bet needs to be placed at fairly high odds which means you want to get what you can out of it by placing it around maybe 3/1 – 6/1. You maybe want to go higher but that’s getting into high variance territory which you need a big bankroll for to handle the swings for sure.

After the Promo Code

The Skybet promo is specifically for new customers just joining the bookie. Once you’re done with that then you need to keep getting free bets as much as possible. First way to do this is to keep getting promo codes and offers from other sports books. There’s no point in sticking to just one and the first round of welcome offers has the biggest return. Once you’ve completed these then double back and take a look at the promotions page again. Skybet for example have a load of free bets on offer every single week.


Aside from that you can straight up ask their live chat for a free bet. It works from time to time and hey don’t ask don’t get, right?

bookie edge

Where Bookmakers Get Their Profits

Don’t blame the bookies for trying to take your money. It’s a job. It’s business. But understanding what they’re doing and how they find their edge is important in understanding what you need to be doing to find the edge yourself.

bookie edgeBookies have a full team of traders working 24/7 to move their odds and keep the edge. The way to look at it is you’re not looking to beat the bookie (terms like that are dumb) you’re just looking to skim the value and beat the traders to a bet before they reduce it.

One of the things that constantly attract punters to sports betting is the possibility of making profit constantly. It’s not easy to achieve that status, but when you do, it really seems like it would pay off all the trouble and effort that you have put into playing. All it takes is to learn the intricacies of sports betting and you should be on your way to make a steady stream of profit. That is the same thing that attracted me to it and why I am still betting now.

But as I have discovered, earning profit consistently is not an easy status to achieve and very few punters actually get there. This does not mean that it’s all just a myth, it’s just hard to achieve. Many bettors lose money in the long run. There is no single reason that would point to the fact why bettors lose money, but one major factor is because bookmakers are always at an advantage.

Let me explain to you how bookmakers get that advantage over bettors and maybe you can use that knowledge in your own strategy.
Bookmaking Basics

The basics of bookmaking is pretty simple. A bookmaker takes in money whenever they lay a bet to a punter. They pay out the bettor when he wins. The bookmaker makes a profit when they take in more money than what they have to pay out. To ensure that they always have an advantage, they use certain techniques.

The Vig

The vig is also known as the vigorish, the margin, or the take. It is built in to the odds that are offered by the bookmakers to ensure that they have the advantage. Others like to think of it as a commission charged by the bookmaker for their services, but it is more complicated than that.

Let’s think of a sports event where two sides have equal chances of winning and there is no possibility of a draw. Let’s say that two sides are teams A and B. The odds can be represented as 1/1 in fractional odds. This means that a £20 would give a £40 return including the original amount of the bet.

In that scenario, the bookmaker would not make any money since the payout would be equal to the amount that came in. That is where the vig comes in. The vig is included into the odds, so that the bookmaker would make some money from the wager. Instead of setting the odds at 1/1, they could set it as 10/11.

If you do the math and try to think of how many bettors are playing on a particular wager, the bookmakers can rake in a potentially large amount. This example is a very simplified way of illustrating how bookmakers are making money, but it should give you some idea on how it works.

Creating a Balanced Book

You might have noticed that the illustration also has the possibility of the bookmaker ending up paying more than the money that came in. What if there are way more bettors that chose one side and that side won? There is always that possibility, which is why bookmakers are also running risks. But there are ways that they can minimize that risk.

One of the things that they do to minimize their own risk is to balance the book. A balanced book means that a bookmaker will make exactly the same amount no matter what the outcome of the market is. This rarely happens, if ever, but they try to be as near to it as possible.

With an imbalanced book a bookmaker can actually lose money. Sometimes bookmakers will actually want an imbalanced book, but that is rarely the case.

Now, you have some idea on how bookmakers make their money. It helps to know this kind of information so you can actually base your betting decisions on real sound information and not just on guesswork. You stand to make more money when you have solid information backing you up.